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Description : is a unique real estate company in Jacksonville, FL that buys houses for cash. We are different from real estate agents who help you sell your house for commission. We buy houses for ourselves and have been doing this from many years now. We understand that there are many other reasons than just foreclosure why one would want to sell his/her house. Unwanted inheritance, repair overload, cash for another house, investment for business venture…there are a lot of reasons why people want to sell their house for immediate cash. We, understand the stories why houses are sold and help the owners in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas to sell their houses quickly and get full cash within 24 hours. We follow a simple procedure where our customers leave us a message that they would like to sell their house. Followed by which we inspect the house, repaired or unrepaired, damaged or new, whatever the condition it may be in. After the inspection we make an offer within 30 minutes and if you agree to our offer, we will take care of the entire transaction within the next 24 hours. If you don’t like the offer made, there is no obligation at all as we respect our customers and their will. Contrary to typical real estate agents we buy the houses as investments and guarantee an all-cash offer, thus attracting a number of customers from the past few years. For more, visit and

Last Updated:22 Feb 2018

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